Design Styles

We don’t specialize in a specific design style. We specialize in helping you find YOURS!

Luxe Interior Design


updated traditional

Updated Traditional

Subtle curves, warm wood-tones, and luxurious fabrics come together to create an updated traditional style.

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eclectic interior design living room


Eclectic style throws traditional thinking out the window! This curated style is difficult to achieve without help from a professional.

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Modern Interior Designer

Mid-Century Modern

Bold. Clean. Simple. These are words that describe the modern interior design style.

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farmhouse style

Modern Farmhouse

Simple, cozy elements featured in farmhouse decor make a home feel more lived-in and personal.

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transitional interior design living room


This style creates a casual, eclectic space that emphasizes the importance of comfort. It blends a range of styles from the 20th century.

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modern rustic

Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic design plays with textures and natural materials to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

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Old World