Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Decorating Den Interiors located?

A: We have a working studio and warehouse space in Nixa, Missouri where we pull together projects for our clients and receive and store our own furniture, accessories, flooring, lighting, bedding, etc. However, we travel throughout the entire southwest Missouri region for appointments. Since we “come to you,” we meet with our clients by appointment only. Our normal hours of operation are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, although, we do offer flexible scheduling and will make every effort to meet your needs. Decorating Den Interiors is not a showroom, because most of the products we select for our clients are custom ordered specifically for them and can’t be kept in-stock.

Q: How does Decorating Den Interiors work?

A: Decorating Den Interiors is a very unique concept in that we come to you—our client! We go to your home or office space for a complimentary consultation to meet with one another and talk in-depth about your project. We will do a quick tour of your space to establish your style, wants, needs, and budget. At this time, we will also talk with you about which existing furniture pieces/accessories you would like to keep and incorporate into the new design. If we are a good fit for one another, we will come back to our studio and spend several hours pulling together ideas and samples that solve your problem AND look great. When we meet for our second appointment, we will make selections in the comfort of your own home or office and get things rolling! Then we take care of everything from ordering through installation!

Q: How can you offer free design services?

A: Another reason we are set apart from other interior design firms is that we do not charge for our time when we are selecting products for your home or office that you purchase through Decorating Den Interiors. You can think of us as both a group of professional interior designers AND a retail store that come to you! We’re helping provide you with the products you need for your home or office while you work with a professional designer at no additional charge. Our clients find this way of working to be a great bang for your buck! We provide our clients with custom window treatments, shades/blinds, tile, carpet, wood flooring, light fixtures, furniture, area rugs, bedding, accessories, art, along with space planning.

Q: Are your prices competitive with brick and mortar stores?

A: Yes! Decorating Den Interiors is a franchise which includes over 300 franchises throughout the United States and Canada. Although we are a locally owned and operated business, we get the benefits of a very large company such as excellent buying power. We get our products for our clients directly from companies who manufacture them. There is no middle-man. For example, we order our custom upholstered furniture directly from North Carolina and have a dedicated customer service person to take care of Decorating Den Interiors designers. Being a large franchise not only allows us to give competitive and fair pricing to our clients but also ensures that we are cared for by the companies we purchase from. This translates into an easy and fun experience for you!

Q: Do you shop with me in other stores or online?

A: Since we have such a vast array of manufacturers and suppliers, we don’t need to go anywhere else! Being competitively priced AND having such a wide selection of products and styles that can’t be found locally, allows us to “shop” with you in the comfort of your own home or office. Since we spend many hours creating the perfect space for you, we ask that you stop shopping. It takes a lot of thought and effort to put together a design plan specifically for you—which is the best part of our day! However, if you have been shopping for things after we have met and already established a budget and game plan, it puts us back to square one. We want to meet all of your needs and be respectful of everyone’s time, as well. If you get the urge to shop, go buy something special for yourself! Don’t you wish everyone would tell you to go shopping for clothes or shoes?

Q: Can I pay you for a design plan and shop on my own?

A: We don’t use this business model as other interior designers do. Decorating Den Interiors offers a much greater value! We come to you, take time to both create designs and find the products that work best for your project, and then coordinate the shipping and delivery of your products. We also oversee the placement of all furniture/accessories and professionally install every window treatment, so that all you have to do is enjoy the big reveal! Plus, you don’t have to worry if there’s ever a problem—and problems do happen occasionally in the shipping of products—because we take care of all of that for you, too!

Q: How do I determine a budget for my project?

A: There is no single, correct answer when determining your decorating budget. However, it would be inaccurate to say that you have no budget at all. Budgeting is a realistic part of the interior design process, and we all have a range in which we feel comfortable. The amount you invest toward your specific project depends on the priorities of you and your family. Priorities may vary from person to person within the household, so please discuss your budget with anyone who may influence the buying decision. This will enable us to better serve you. Because decorating with custom products offers a high degree of flexibility, we will work hard to help you create the look you desire within the budget you have established. Some clients ask for our guidance on the costs associated with decorating, either because this process is new to them or they haven’t redecorated in years. To meet that need, we will discuss this at the end of the complimentary consultation after we have seen the project first-hand. We will also provide you with a list of average budgets before we meet for your reference. You can relax and have fun with the process and not worry about any hidden costs-because there aren’t any! You’ll be getting a lot of value working with Decorating Den Interiors, and we won’t let you make a purchase until we both know it works perfectly for YOU. We will not let you make a mistake!

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum project size?

A: Nope! We help our clients with any project from a single area rug to a whole home full of furniture, flooring, lighting, accessories, bedding and every project size in between. Often times our clients choose to work in phases. We will work together to come up with an overall game-plan and then decide which areas are the highest on your priority list and get started!

Q: What’s the timeframe to receive the products I order?

A: Different products require different amounts of time to manufacturer and receive. If we are working on the sofa for your living room, for example, it will take about 6-10 weeks from the date we order until it is installed in your home. Custom window treatments generally take around 4-8 weeks to create and install. Other items can be received much quicker! Window blind/shades, area rugs, lamps, accessories, and light fixtures usually can be installed within 2-4 weeks. There are quite a lot of items we can use to give your space a facelift that do not take very long to have installed! When designing an entire room, we like to wait until ALL of the items have been received before we schedule the installation, because we like to create a “big reveal” for our clients which is fun and exciting!

Q: Are things returnable?

A: After over 40 years as a leader in the home furnishings and interior decorating industry, Decorating Den Interiors’ reputation remains at the highest possible level. Each of our interior designers has the experience, training, and creativity to make us one of the area’s most sought after design firms. Our design appointment process ensures that each client will love their project, because THEY help design it! We will narrow down the best design solutions for you based on your style and budget, and then YOU choose your favorites. This way, when the project is complete, the space truly reflects your personality. We enjoy customizing each project based on your particular style. Given our vast range of suppliers and the products they offer, we do order products specifically for each customer and cannot carry all of our products in stock. In the rare occasion that a product is not met with satisfaction, defective items will be replaced at no cost to you, or exchanges may occur with possible restocking fees.