How to Determine Your Home Decor Style

Designing a home can be one of the most enjoyable experiences as it allows you to truly personalize your space. You can choose everything from the minute details to the more elaborate features. However, if you’re unprepared or unsure where to start, the design process can quickly become overwhelming.

Like most home projects, there’s prep work to be done. Before you start impulsively buying furniture, it’s important to determine your home decor style. We’ve listed five of the most common home decor styles below. Read on to learn more about them and maybe find one that best resonates with you.

Popular Home Decor Styles

  • Traditional. When it comes to traditional home decor, it’s about details rooted from the past that come together to create a timeless look. This home decor style comes from 18th-19th century Europe, a time filled with much elegance and class. Think neutral color palettes, floral wallpaper, symmetry through matching furnishings, and placement of various antique accents.
  • Minimalist. Those who love a simple and clean look can opt for a minimalist style. This style incorporates the use of clean lines and often a monochromatic color palette to create a space that looks and feels clutter-free. Minimalist home decor is perfect for those who prefer neutral colors over brights.
  • Modern/Mid-Century. Modern, also known as mid-century, home decor is an American design movement developed in the ’50s and ’60s that spans home decor, interior, architecture, and even graphic design. It is well-known for its sleek lines, muted color palettes, and unique materials that give traditional pieces a futuristic yet functional twist.
  • Boho. Boho is often associated with being carefree and unconventional, and this particular home decor style is no different. When entering a home with boho decor, you’ll likely see vibrant plants, patterned rugs, pops of colors, and eclectic accents. Your home is sure to stand out with boho-inspired features.
  • Rustic. Natural materials, color palettes consisting of browns and greys, and lots of unfinished wood all come together to create a rustic home decor style. Rustic design is described as being natural and rough yet warm and inviting, much like cabins and farmhouses. If you enjoy a touch of nature in your home, this home decor style is perfect for you.

These are just a few of the many home decor styles to choose from. Keep in mind that there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to designing your perfect home. 

Where to Look to Determine Your Home Design Style

With style continuously evolving and new trends popping up every year, it can be difficult to truly narrow down the vision that you have for your home. Here’s how you can pull inspiration from different sources to find a style with your best interests in mind.

  • Browse the web. One of the most popular sites for finding inspiration is Pinterest. If you’re unfamiliar, users can pin images and create online boards that they can return to later to spark their imagination. With thousands of home decor images to browse through, you are bound to find one that resonates with your personal taste. As you look back at the different pins, you’ll start noticing commonalities. Are you pinning a lot of images with clean lines and geometric shapes? Then, a modern home design may be for you.   
  • Create a mood board. A mood board can be created both physically and digitally and contains a visual representation of your thoughts and concepts. Keep in mind that there are no limits to what can be placed on your mood board, as it should contain everything that inspires you for a particular project. Compile photos, color palettes, words, and more to help narrow down the perfect idea. When you have everything together like this, you’ll be able to start visualizing a room consisting of these items. Does your board feature earth tones, fringe, or macrame designs? If so, it’s safe to say that you’d enjoy a bohemian-styled room.
  • Look in your own closet. When designing a home with your personal style in mind, what better place to get inspiration from than your own closet? Your wardrobe is unique to you and contains all of your favorite colors and textures. Whether it’s your favorite color or a standout piece, incorporating those elements into your home will ensure a home decor style that genuinely reflects your personal taste. For example, if you have a velvet, jewel-toned dress that you can’t get enough of, you may enjoy the luxe-glam home design style. 

Now that you know some of the most popular home design styles and where to look for inspiration to determine your own, it’s time to give your home a makeover! If you need assistance with your next home project or simply feel uninspired, the Shivers’ Design Team at Decorating Den Interiors is here for you! We’ll work with you to find the right design solutions that best align with your personal taste.

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