Centerpiece Ideas for the Holidays

As we enter the holiday season, we get ready to gather with friends and family. Whether they’re coming from near or far, you want to make sure your home is prepared for the celebration. And with all the prep that goes into hosting a gathering, you don’t want to overlook your holiday centerpieces. After all, they will be the star of the table when you sit down for dinner. No matter what holiday you are hosting this year, we’ve got you covered with a centerpiece idea that will impress your guests and show off your eye for design. 

Here are five ideas for centerpieces this holiday season:

  1. Thanksgiving Regardless of where you stand on the homemade vs. canned cranberry sauce debate, you can create a centerpiece for Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving that showcases this popular side. To make this centerpiece, you will need one large cylinder vase and one small cylinder vase. You can find them at a dollar store, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Once you’ve obtained the vases, place one inside the other. Then, pour store-bought whole cranberries into the space between the vases. After that, fill the inner vase with water and place simple grocery store bouquets inside. Accentuate these store-bought fall flowers with some dried blooms, tall grass, or feathers.
  2. Christmas For a unique Christmas centerpiece, get some tabletop pine or spruce trees in burlap sacks and make your very own Christmas tree farm. You will want to keep these to 24 inches in height or less. Use as many as you want to run the length of your table. Add in a runner and place pinecones in and around the trees. Or place these trees in a rustic trough with flameless candles and holly garland running in between the trees and candles.
  3. Hannukah For Hannukah, you can create a festive centerpiece using the same two-glass cylinder trick as Thanksgiving. Only this time, instead of cranberries, you can fill the space in between with gelt, the chocolate coins wrapped in gold. These coins are sold in most candy stores and can even be bought in bulk. In the inner vase, you can use all white flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums, and aster, or you can add a mix of blue and white flowers.
  4. Winter If you want to opt for a more neutral centerpiece, create a winter tablescape that can remain on display all season long. Create a wreath of pinecones, spruce branches, and white flowers around a votive candle. You can use a piece of wood as the base of the wreath. To give it some height, stack a couple of pieces of wood on top of each other. You can also spray paint some of the spruce branches white to give them a snowy appearance.
  5. New Year’s Eve Lastly, ring in the new year with a fun centerpiece! Repurpose four wine bottles leftover from the holidays and spray each of them with gold metallic paint. Then, get wood or paper cutouts for the numbers 2-0-2-2. Cover these in gold metallic glitter and attach each number to its own bottle. You can stream curled ribbons down the side of each bottle or place a noisemaker in the top. Accentuate the centerpiece with confetti or other New Year’s Eve decorations.   

Create a Fun Holiday Centerpiece

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of unique centerpieces you can try this season. The best part is you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to make a statement. These holiday centerpiece ideas are sure to be conversation starters as your family and friends comment on your fierce centerpiece game.   

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