Bring the Outdoors In: 5 Design Ideas

Bringing nature and natural elements indoors isn’t just a trending design. It’s part of the broader influence of wellbeing in residential and commercial buildings that emphasizes nature and sustainability. And for a good reason. Nature is healing, calming, and relaxing, so why wouldn’t we want to bring that indoors, given we spend about 90% of our time inside anyway?

Here are five ways to bring the outdoors in:

1. Add Plants Everywhere

The easiest and best way to bring the outdoors inside is to decorate with potted plants and fresh flowers. In every room. Yes, even the bathroom. There are some plants, like bamboo, that will thrive very nicely in humid places. Better yet, bamboo can make your bathroom look and feel like a spa. You can also get creative and decorate with fruits and vegetables, just like you do with gourds for pumpkin spice season. Or, if you like to use fresh herbs while you cook, leave them out for display on your kitchen windowsill.

2. Create a Green Wall

If you really want to go green, consider a green wall. This object is more than just a vertical garden indoors. Imagine your living room feeling like paradise with a lush green wall full of live plants. Of course, if that’s not feasible, you can also tap into another design trend of fabric and wall coverings. Go with wallpaper in tropical plant patterns or a wall covering made from natural fibers.

3. Embrace Natural Light

Another simple way to bring nature inside is by embracing natural sunlight. To achieve this feat, make sure you hang curtains that are sheer and light in color. Or, you can forgo hanging curtains at all. Instead, look into custom window treatment options like valances. Sunlight is also vital if you want to decorate with live plants everywhere. For those of you with large windows and skylights, take advantage!

4. Use Natural Materials

Forget synthetic fabrics; start using natural materials wherever you can. There are so many options available, so you can find an element that resonates with your style and incorporate it seamlessly. A floor is a great place to add natural elements since it’s visible and prominent throughout your home. You can consider wood, bamboo, or even cork flooring to accomplish this.

5. Wow With Wood

Wood deserves its own separate category. It is the easiest and warmest of all the natural elements to add. It’s so versatile, coming in a variety of styles, from shiny polished furniture to distressed and weathered or even raw. You’ll find a variety of accent pieces in wood to help bring the outdoors into any room.

Bringing the outdoors in goes way beyond decorating with potted plants. Remember to incorporate natural materials, let in the sunlight, or impress everyone and invest in a green wall. These elements will give you the relaxing and uplifting benefits of nature inside the comfort of your home.

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