Brighten Your Home Decor for Spring

As you embrace the bright, sunny days of spring, you should consider updating the interior of your home to reflect the season. The best part is you don’t have to undergo a complete renovation to achieve this. Instead, you can add new elements, swap a few items, or simply open the curtains and let the natural light pour inside.  

Here are five ways to brighten your home decor for spring:

  1. Lighten Up Your Curtains Say goodbye to your current dark curtains and say hello to lighter hues this spring. Go even further, and hang sheer curtains instead of thick drapes. You’ll allow more natural sunlight into your home when you opt for lighter fabrics. If your style is more neutral, go with white or a light beige, or try out a pastel shade if you enjoy a pop of color in your home. For those who already have soft curtains hanging, consider taking them off entirely and letting the maximum amount of light brighten up your living space. You can decorate your window with a top treatment, like a cornice or valance, if you miss the style curtains give your windows.
  2. Display Colorful Glassware Many people seem to forget that glassware serves a purpose other than drinking. This spring, take out the colorful glassware hiding in your kitchen cabinets and add them to your decor throughout the house. They can be displayed on shelves, the kitchen counter, any table, or even your bathroom sink. Their pop of color alone is enough to brighten up your living space, but the real magic happens when they are displayed in an area where the light shines directly. When light hits your glassware, it reflects beautiful bright colors on surrounding surfaces.
  3. Lay Out a White Rug Regardless of your room’s current color scheme, a large white rug can immediately brighten up a space. When placed in the middle of a dark room or a room with dark accent colors, the light will bounce off the rug and reflect onto surrounding surfaces. In a lighter room, the rug will give off the same brightening effect, but it will also make the room appear bigger. If you’re nervous about getting a white rug dirty, try going with an off-white shade. It will have the same brightening effect but hides dirt a little better.
  4. Keep Your Blankets Out Just because the weather is getting warmer does not mean your blankets have to go into hiding. Throw some white or colorful blankets on your couches to brighten your room and make it more inviting. If you have a neutral-colored couch, try incorporating throw blankets with vibrant shades. You don’t have to stop at getting a solid-colored blanket, show off a fun personality with a colorful and patterned throw. Give your couch a transformation by draping your blankets nicely over the back cushions.
  5. Repaint Your Walls You can’t make a room feel bright if dark walls surround it. Dark colors soak up sunlight rather than let it bounce around the room. White or light beige walls will do the trick but if these colors are too bland for you, consider the pastel version of your current wall color. You can also try to minimize the amount of decor you have on your walls. When there’s less on the walls, natural light will be able to reflect off of more surfaces.

Whether you decide to brighten up your home decor with light curtains and rugs or colorful glassware and blankets, these tips are easy to execute and make a big difference. 

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