12 Days of Decorating for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to deck the halls with holiday decor! If you’ve been putting off donning your home with festive decorations, we have the perfect solution for you. Between working from home, helping your kids with virtual learning, cooking, cleaning, and everything in between, you may not have the time to dedicate an entire day to decorate your house. Enter the 12 days of decorating. Here, we give a simple decorating tip you can tackle in a day. Playing “The 12 Days of Christmas” while you work is optional.

On the first day of decorating, deck your door for all to see

When entering your home, or even just passing by, the first thing that people notice is your door. Start there! Your best plan of action is to hang a seasonal wreath. Wreaths are a classic and easy way to add seasonal style. You can buy one at the store or create your very own using pine cones, berries, yarn balls, or ornaments. No matter what you choose, wreaths will give guests a warm fuzzy feeling when entering your home.

On the second day of decorating, put up a holiday tree

There is no better way to add seasonal style to your home than with a tree. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still incorporate the symbol in your home, decorated accordingly. The best places to put a tree are in an entryway, living room, or family room. A current trend is to place a small tree into your bedroom to give an extra seasonal touch. Decorate your tree based on your style. Some people collect various ornaments on their travels and showcase them during the holiday season. If you are celebrating Hanukkah, consider draping blue and silver ribbons on the tree with white lights. A lit-up tree creates a festive glow in any home.

On the third day of decorating, incorporate greenery

Adding holiday cheer to a room may feel like a daunting task, but fear not — incorporating greenery in your space can instantly add holiday magic. Aside from your tree, the best foliage to scatter throughout your home is holly, ivy, mount laurel, or mistletoe. Draping these plants on doorways creates an inviting and woodsy feel. You can also place them on your mantel and other ledges.

On the fourth day of decorating, swap out your artwork

As the seasons change, so should your wall decor. Freshen up your space by swapping out your paintings, tapestries, or prints with holiday-appropriate replacements. This may mean taking down your floral picture and putting up an image of a Christmas tree farm or wintery landscape. You can also switch out your existing photos with some holiday prints to highlight your holiday memories.

On the fifth day of decorating, drape garland all around

Garland will instantly add color and texture wherever you put it, so it’s a holiday must-have, especially in rooms with neutral color palettes. Drape it on your stairway to create a dramatic focal point. You can also place your garland on your banisters, mantels, windows, or doorways. If you want to be a little unconventional with your garland placement, add it to chairs or chandeliers.

On the sixth day of decorating, curl up in cozy blankets

The holidays are all about feeling warm and cozy, and there is no better way to do that than to curl up with comfy blankets. It’s time to put away those thin cotton linens and swap them for some warmer options. The best cozy blankets with a holiday touch are fleece, plaid, and faux fur. Layer blankets on top of each other to create texture and interest on your couch or chair.

On the seventh day of decorating, change your throw pillows

Pillows are a great decor piece that you can easily change without spending a ton of money. Head to your local department store and pick up some holiday pillows to put on your sofa, couch, bed, and chairs. You can also check out Etsy or other small businesses for personalized, unique options. Like blankets, plaid and faux fur are the perfect fabrics for your holiday throw pillows. You can also look for pillows in seasonal colors or with fun sayings.

On the eighth day of decorating, light seasonal candles

When you’re decorating for the holidays, you want to ensure all of the senses are activated. Candles not only generate holiday ambiance, but they’ll add seasonal aromas to your home, too. Lit candles are way more than just a piece of decor. When you choose scents that are personal to you and your family, they can trigger memories of holidays past. Some of our favorite holiday scents are pine, cranberry, cinnamon, brown sugar, cookies, cocoa, or peppermint.

On the ninth day of decorating, hang festive lights

Whether indoors or outdoors, hanging lights transforms your home into a winter wonderland. Outside, you can frame your home, porch, or front door with strands of colored or white lights. You can also place them around your trees or bushes. Inside, put them on your tree, railings, in mason jars, or on your mantle. You’ll love the effect when you’re cozied up on the couch watching your favorite holiday movies.

On the tenth day of decorating, break out your festive wall signs

After hanging lights, you can use an easy follow-up task. Break out your festive wall signs! You can put them above your mantle, propped up against shelves, or displayed on your walls. Using these signs in your decor is an excellent alternative to swapping out your artwork. Some simple options are signs that say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Let It Snow.”

On the eleventh day of decorating, create a centerpiece

If you’re looking for a simple yet showstopping decor piece for your home, a centerpiece is perfect. Whether you’re hosting a sit-down holiday dinner for your roommates or just want some holiday cheer for your table, a centerpiece will add an extra flair to your space. When choosing a seasonal centerpiece, keep in mind the classic holiday colors, like red, green, gold, and silver. If you want to modernize the display, use holiday elements in neutral colors.

On the twelfth day of decorating, hang your stockings with care

Stockings are a Christmas tradition that cannot be forgotten. If you don’t have a mantel to put them on, don’t fret! You can hang them on wall hooks, on a shelf, or even with a stocking hanger stand. No matter how you choose to display them, stockings will add some classic holiday cheer to your home.

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