Tips to Refresh Your Home Decor After the Holidays

When you start to stow away holiday decor, it’s easy for your home to feel a little empty. Suddenly, it seems like there is more blank space and openness than ever before, and you may not know how to meaningfully fill it. If you’re wondering what to do with your surroundings after you take down all things holiday, here are some tips on giving your home a seasonal refresh.

Keep an inviting color palette

The holiday season is known for its dark, rich, and metallic colors. Think spruce green, burgundy, navy blue, silver, and gold. Lean into these hues beyond the holiday season and incorporate them as accent colors throughout your home decor. You can do this with throw pillows, blankets, artwork, and even window treatments. All you have to do is make sure your holiday color palette complements your usual decor, and it’ll be a seamless fit! You should, however, remove decor with holiday-specific phrases and imagery.

Make use of soft, warm lighting

One of the most charming parts of holiday decor is the glimmering lights hanging all around. To hold onto this joy, add other low-lighting sources to create a warm, welcoming environment all winter long. You can leave string lights draped across your mantel or simply set out more of your favorite candles. If you get creative with the type, placement, and intensity of lighting,, a room can still have that dreamy holiday sense without feeling out of place.

Layer plush textures

Colder weather makes everyone want to curl up under a blanket. After the holidays are over, ensure your home remains a cozy haven by layering plush textures. You can place faux fur throw blankets on top of suede or fleece options. Or you can lay a thick, shag area rug over a flatter carpet. Make sure you stagger the placement so you can see the various materials, which creates dimension.

Incorporate raw, rustic decor

To add more richness and depth to your design, insert pieces made of natural wood. Make a big change by adding a statement piece of furniture like a coffee table or bookshelf crafted from raw wood. Or, make smaller switches with decorative touches like trays, woven baskets, and picture frames made from rustic material. Chances are you already have some of these design elements as part of your holiday decor, so do not shy away from leaving them out a bit longer! If you already have wood incorporated into your design, consider giving it new life by exploring a darker stain or finish, like walnut, Kona, and jacobean. 

Leave the seasonal greenery

Greenery is an easy way to bring color, texture, movement, and joy to any design. If you want to get more out of your holiday decor, leave the garland you so carefully hung down the banister and across the mantel so you can appreciate it all season long. Or, if that feels too holiday oriented, incorporate more subtle, neutral touches of greenery with hanging plants, large potted floor plants, or small tabletop greens. You can even incorporate poinsettias and winter bouquets into your decor. Whichever you choose, the cascading leaves and element of life that comes from staging natural greenery in your home design is sure to make the space feel more bright, inviting, and complete.

If the post-holiday blues get the best of you, you’ll want to think of ways to keep the season’s joyful nature alive. Fill in the empty spaces and refresh your home decor with rich colors, low lighting, plush textures, rustic decor, and seasonal greenery to accomplish this.

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