How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Warm

What’s on trend for kitchens in 2022? Warm tones. Instead of all-white everything, more homeowners are leaning toward natural neutrals like taupe, mushroom, and sage for their kitchen remodels and renovations. How can you tie these colors into your existing space? Use the five areas of focus outlined below to effortlessly introduce neutral colors into your kitchen design and make it feel warm.


One of the most noticeable ways to add color to your kitchen is painting the cabinetry. Not only is this more affordable than entirely replacing all those uppers and lowers, but the acrylic enamel paint used in the update also makes your cabinets more durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Additionally, the customization that comes with selecting your own paint color allows you to create the exact look and feel you want your kitchen to have. Say goodbye to gray and white, and introduce a warm neutral instead. 


Another way to introduce color to your kitchen is by adding warm-toned wooden furniture. Whether you have an island that calls for high stool seating or an eat-in that could use a table and accent chairs, consider warm-toned wooden pieces made from maple, white oak, or cherry. If you struggle to find the exact wood tone you want, explore different stains! When it comes to renewing and reenergizing existing pieces of furniture, an updated stain or fresh coat of paint can be all you need to make an impact. 

Mats and Runners

Bring more warm colors into your kitchen with new mats and runners on appropriate surface areas. Much like the area rugs rolled out in your other rooms, floor mats in the kitchen allow you to add different colors, patterns, and textures to the space. You can also place a warm-colored runner across your table or use neutral-toned place settings. These may seem like minor additions, but they are guaranteed to add depth and a sense of comfort to the room.


Another area of focus for adding warm tones to your kitchen design and decor should be the fixtures. Whether that be the sink, faucets, cabinet pulls, or all of the above, consider using warm mixed metals like rose gold, bronze, or copper to your look. Don’t forget about your light fixtures either. If you have any hanging pendants or other cool-toned light fixtures in the room, consider swapping them for their warm counterparts. Embellishing these details is what really brings a space to life.

Staged Decor

Finally, the easiest way to add warm colors to any design is through staged decor. In a room like a kitchen, decorative items will likely have a practical use, but that does not mean they cannot be stylized. Think wooden cutting boards, neutral essential canisters, and an oversized catchall bowl in the accent color of your choice. When selecting your decor, keep in mind the room’s overall tone. You want all of your pieces, from the cabinetry to the flooring, backsplash, and accent details, to complement each other and form a cohesive space.

And just like that, your kitchen is warm, inviting, and undeniably on-trend!

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