Fall Decorating Dos and Donts

As the seasons change, your home decor typically transforms too. But how can you ensure this change is truly stylish? Check out our list of dos and don’ts to be sure this year’s fall decorating leaves you feeling like you made meaningful, modern changes instead of overdone, classic cliches. 

DO: Incorporate Warm Woods

The key to any successful fall look is the addition of warm tones. What better way to bring these into your design than through natural woods? For a more significant and noticeable change, insert a statement piece of furniture like a coffee table or bookshelf crafted from raw wood into your living space. Or, for a faster, more accessible switch, tie in a mix of woods through decorative touches like trays, woven baskets, and picture frames. When incorporating wood into your design, be willing to explore different stains and finishes. For fall, we recommend using deep, rich colors like dark walnut and jacobean. 

DON’T: Stick to Red, Oranges, and Yellows

Sure, leaves turn red, orange, and yellow once when we enter autumn, but that doesn’t mean you have to cover your home in these colors alone. At their base, these colors can be a jarring addition to many modern color palettes. For example, if you went all in on the greige trend, it can be tricky to bring these bold, warm colors into your decor. Instead, look for colors that coordinate with your existing palette. In some cases, this could simply mean adding decor with metallic gold trims. In others, you may benefit from adding fall-inspired green hues.   

DO: Add More Texture

To amplify the warm, welcoming feel you started to create with natural woods, we suggest adding more texture to your design. You might do this by staging furniture made of more rich fabrics like hazelnut leather or cognac suede. Or, you might just layer more throw pillows and blankets on the furnishings you already have. From thick knits to faux furs and everything in between, layering textiles and textures will surely add more depth and warmth to your design.

DON’T: Rely on Plaids and Checkers

The farmhouse-style decor is known for its plaid and checkered patterns. These patterns may fall flat in your space if you don’t have a farmhouse-inspired home. Instead, look for geometric patterns in autumnal hues. Or, consider adding fall-themed artwork to a photo gallery or on your mantel. These could be prints of leaves, landscapes, or abstract paintings in warm tones.

DO: Light More Candles

Another way you can create an inviting ambiance is by stylizing candles. Whether you set a large, three-wick candle in the middle of a low coffee table, or stagger multiple candles across a decorative mantel, the soft, dancing glow each candle emits will add warmth and intensity to your space. What’s more, the scents of these candles can take your design from any-average-day to all-out-autumn. Think crisp apple, spiced clove, cinnamon harvest, and much more.

DON’T: Go Overboard on Word Art

So often, fall decor is thought to be captured by temporary signage with overused phrases like “Blessed,” “Thankful,” and “Harvest.” The trouble with these signs is that the ability to use them is limited. Instead, opt for more neutral, decorative inserts like matte prints of botanical plants or other stylized elements — picture frames, pottery, throw blankets — in deep, rich, seasonal colors. These neutral pieces will allow you to create a longer-lasting, original fall look.

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