3 Custom Design Trends to Invest In

Does it seem like you see the same furniture and accent pieces every time you walk into a house? Since homeowners have such easy access to department stores and online home decor sites, it’s not surprising that everyone is picking out the same items. If you want your home decor to be unique, you should consider custom designs. With custom designs, you can find the pieces and patterns you want in the exact color you want, rather than settling for something that just works or coordinates.

Here are a three custom design trends to try:

1. Wall Treatments

Wall treatments are back in a big way, and accent walls are especially popular right now. You can blend color and textures to create an epic space that becomes the focal point of any room. Options include wainscotting, wallpaper, and even paneling. Don’t worry; wallpaper and paneling have advanced far beyond what was trendy when you were growing up. There are even peel and stick wallpaper options that make the installation (and removal) quick and easy. If wallpaper and panels aren’t your taste, wall fabric and wall art are alternative options.

2. Window Treatments

Just like wall treatments, window treatments are not what they used to be. Today’s custom window treatments come in a variety of options, including both soft and hard. Some soft custom window treatments are made of natural fabrics woven from grasses, bamboo, and reeds. They beautifully filter light while also being sustainable. When it comes to hard custom window treatments, you can choose from shutters to wood blinds, roman shades, and more. The best part about investing in custom window treatments is that they fit all interior design styles from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. You can make a statement with a custom shade in a bold color or pattern and keep your privacy intact.

3. Bedding

If you could only choose one item to customize in your house, you should highly consider your bedding. After all, your bedroom is where you go to unwind and relax and is the one space that is truly yours. Custom bedding can take an ordinary bedroom and make it extraordinary. Mix and match all sorts of shams, coverlets, comforters, headboards, and bed skirts for your unique look. You’ll finally have the bedding that suits both the style you want and comfort you hope to achieve.

Choose Custom Products for Your Home

If you want furniture and decor that you can’t find on a Pinterest board, custom designs are perfect for you. The Shivers’ Design Team has thousands of samples of top-quality home furnishing products, from bedding to window treatments, wall coverings, and more.

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